What requirements for the skateboard show?

For the skateboard show an area of at least 5 x 4 meters to a maximum of 15 x 10 meters is required. A flat surface that is not too rough, but also not too smooth. Smooth tar soil, cobblestones without grooves. Wooden floor, stage floor is also possible, but this must not be slippery. PVC floor, yes, if it is a bit older. Carpet floor is not suitable for this. We can also bring our own PVC floor on the roll, the flooring below should then be a smooth floor.

What show programs do we offer?

1) The skateboard show with your moderation and your music system. Several different shows a day are possible. Agreements on site are no problem.

2) The skateboard show with our moderation and our music system. Several different shows a day are possible. Agreements on site are no problem.

3) The skateboard show with complete program, daily program: show, moderation, music, exhibition, lessons.

You compile the program. (1) (2) (3)

The show with your logo on the t-shirt and, or on the skateboard is possible.
With our moderation, we can offer your products to customers. Raffle, auction of individual products is also possible.
The Guenter Mokulys exhibition includes 36 years of skateboarding: lots of photos, trophies and lots of skateboards. Various videos about Flatland skateboarding run on a large monitor.
Skateboard lessons for beginners and advanced. We also have skateboards, protective equipment for about 10 people. In class, we will teach the kids, depending on their progress, tips, support, balance exercises, first tricks.

For further questions: info@guentermokulys.de

How does a show work?

The show runs according to your wishes. Once the music system is ready, the moderation is ready, the show area is closed, and you’re ready to go. We usually choose the music. We use suitable music for the supporting program, similar music to our videos on this website. A show should also be no longer than 7 to 8 minutes. 5 minutes is optimal. Better to have several short shows spread over the day than one show that is too long. We are flexible in this regard.

The Team: