Guenter Mokulys – Skateboarder

Guenter Mokulys, the skateboard legend, has been a skateboarder for 36 years, specializes in freestyle / flatland skateboarding and has been a professional for 32 years. He is one of the most successful and best skateboarders worldwide. Guenter Mokulys has contested 114 competitions, more than half of which have been won. Including 7 x German champions, 5 x European champions, 11 x world champions and 2 x US champions. There are also worldwide shows and TV appearances. Among other things, he is the author of 8 skateboard books. Still very active at 55, at competitions and shows. Can also be booked for your event. October 2019, new European champion: Guenter Mokulys.

“STAMP Festival” Hamburg. Street arts.

ZDF – “1,2 or 3”. Quiz show.

SWR – “Tell the Truth” quiz show.


Some press releases from Guenter Mokulys in various newspapers and magazines: Muenster Zeitung, Muenchner Zeitung, Cloverdale News, Crescent City News, Elko News, General-Anzeiger, Ostfriesen Zeitung, Monster-Skateboard-Magazin, Transworld-Skateboard-Magazin, and much more. The press can also be mobilized for your event.

TV Show

Guenter Mokulys was a guest on some TV stations: “The Great Chance”. “The Super talent”. “Say the truth”. RBB documentary”. “1,2 or 3” quiz show. TV Brasil. Globosat. Fox News. WooHoo. Tokyo TV.

2011 ZDF-The Super Talent

2012 ORF-The Great Chance

2014 SWR-“Say the Truth”

2017 RBB-documentary

2018 ZDF-“1,2 or 3″

ORF – “The Great Chance”


Guenter Mokulys has collected many photos since 1983. Freestyle skateboarding compiled and documented to perfection.